Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jazzy Lounge Top 25 for July 27, 2014

Jazzy Lounge Top 25
As of July 27, 2014


1 AutoCharm Supernatural Supernatural
2 Jane Maximova Never Get Lost (feat sax by Andrey Gorbunov Future Jazz Cafe Vol.5
3 Mojo Rising Busted N Dusted Bust Free 16
4 Saskia Laroo If Ye Got It Ye Get It (original first version Jazz Dance
5 4 Da People Little Bit of House (Original Mix Little Bit of House
6 Tree60 Lazy Saturday Afternoon Night Tunes Collection
7 Kush Sweet 4 Streams Of Consciousness Vol.1
8 Rancido & Ladybird Traveling Soul (Instrumental Mix Traveling Soul
9 Patchworks Brothers On The Slide (Brooklyn mix Early Recordings
10 Ghebro Dark Law Burning In My Soul
11 Monodeluxe Lift Up Glamorous Life
12 Trillian Miles Feel So Good Macao Cafe - Trillian - The Mobius Strip
13 Sven Van Hees Sophiesticated Lady more pLUSH
14 Glam Sam And His Combo Give It To Me, Baby Feeling Groovy - Glam Sam's Greatest Hits
15 Glam Sam And His Combo Check What I'm Selecting Feeling Groovy - Glam Sam's Greatest Hits
16 Alex Cortiz Return of the Magic Touch Magnifico!, Vol. 2
17 4 Da People Vibe On (Original Mix Vibe On
18 Burning Giraffe Smoking Jacket Nu Jazz Sessions
19 Alex Cortiz Enter the Matrix Magnifico!, Vol. 2
20 Range Two Panasonic
21 Berny Minha Querida (Original Mix Cassiopea EP
22 Alison Limerick Where Love Lives (Frankie Knuckles & David Morales remix) Dimitri From Paris Tribute Edit Where Love Lives
23 Tree60 Way To Tibet Night Tunes Collection
24 Milo Mills I Need You Feelings in Colour
25 Electrix Here And There ...Coming Home

Autocharm's lively, summer-feel, vocal track, "Supernatural", moves back into the number one spot after briefly holding the number 2 and 3 positions. This dance tune's appeal is influenced by David Fotheringham's confident and exuberant vocals, very positive lyrics and the upbeat, pop-influenced sound.
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